Privacy policy

The Buyer's personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" dated June 01, 2010 No. 2297-VI.

The Buyer, by completing the registration procedure on the Site and/or filling out the "place an order" form on the website of the MATIQÜE online store, gives his full unconditional and unlimited consent to the collection, processing and use by the Seller of information about the Buyer, including information that is considered personal data in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, solely for the following purposes

- for the purpose of registration and identification of the Buyer in the online store;

- to update the Buyer's registration password in the Online Store;

- for marketing purposes, namely: notifying the Buyer via SMS, e-mail, social networks, etc. about the news of the Online Store, Promotional Offers and Sales of Goods conducted by the Seller in the Online Store, the Seller's analysis of the market for the consumption of the Goods, determining the range of potential Buyers, determining the needs of potential Buyers for the goods offered for sale, etc;

- in order for the Seller to fulfill its contractual obligations to the Buyer in good faith, including obligations to deliver the Goods, as well as obligations to transfer funds to the Buyer for the returned Goods;

- to evaluate and analyze the operation of the Website;

- in order for the Seller to comply with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, including the legislation on consumer protection.

When placing an order on the MATIQÜE Online Store Website, the Buyer provides the following information: Surname, First Name, Patronymic, e-mail address, contact phone number and physical address for placing the order.

The information provided by the Buyer is used to process the Order, as well as to provide the Buyer with the Seller's commercial offers.
In order to provide the Buyer with information about the Goods posted on the website of the Online Store, the Seller has the right to send information, including advertising messages, to the Buyer's e-mail and mobile phone with his consent. The Buyer has the right to refuse to receive advertising and other information without explaining the reasons for refusal. Service messages informing the Buyer about the order and the stages of its processing are sent automatically and cannot be rejected by the Buyer.

The Seller is not responsible for the information provided by the Buyer on the Site in a publicly available form.

The Seller shall have the right to record telephone conversations with the Buyer, about which the Seller shall notify the Buyer. At the same time, the Seller undertakes to: prevent attempts of unauthorized access to information obtained during telephone conversations and/or its transfer to third parties not directly related to the execution of Orders, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Information" dated 02.10.1992 No. 2657-XII.
Any information received from the Buyer is confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties, except as provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

When paying for orders on the website of the online store with MATIQÜE, and using payment cards, all transactions with them are carried out on the secure payment page of the bank, where you need to enter the payment card details. After a successful transaction (successful payment of the order with a payment card on the bank's payment page), the site visitor is automatically redirected to the MATIQÜE order page, where the order number is indicated.
The Seller has the right to use the "Cookies" technology. "Cookies do not contain confidential information and are not transferred to third parties.